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EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system

we have a solution



an free from highly toxic chemicals



removes up to 25 layers in one application

EcoLogix Dolphines


biodegradable, low in odour and sustainable

EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system


thick for thick and thin for thin


PeelAway & AquaSpeed

EcoLogix PeelAway Paste and  AquaSpeed Gel are paint removers based on a Water-Benzylalcohol formulation. Both products can be used in various situations in order to remove most types of paints, adhesives and wall papers. But also industrial applications like for example cleaning surfaces from grease is part of the many applications our products can be used for.
In order to remove thinner layers EcoLogix AquaSpeed should be tried first. For thicker and multilayered removals PeelAway is usually the better solution.  We always recommend testing before large scale application in order to see which EcoLogix product works best for your project!

EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system


versatility is our strength



Apply EcoLogix Products with a brush, trowel or airless system.


Save Time

Cover the applied product with the blanket or our new liquid blanket EcoFilm and let time do the work for you.



Remove by using a spatula, jet wash or high pressure air.

EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system


one video says more than 1000 words

EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system

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EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system

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EcoLogix PeelAway 7 Paint Removal System
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EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system


Pro solutions made to measure

EcoLogix OptiMix

EcoLogix OptiMix

In some situations project applications can be optimised by adapting products slightly. EcoLogix OptiMix is not one product but stands as a Brand for bespoke optimised product development in order to optimise project cost in the context of sustainability.

EcoLogix PeelAway 7 paint removal system



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why not get in touch

You might have a short question or need support with a major project including test applications or perhaps you are interested in DNEL-Values or REACH information. No problem we are here to help and will support you in the way that fits your needs. This can be a simple phone call or full project management in cooperation with one of our EcoLogix ProPartners depending on which ever way you would like us to get involved. We also have longstanding friendly relationships with the advisers of machine and tool suppliers in order to round off our support.

I look forward to optimising your project together with you.

Volker Schuster

Volker Schuster

Managing Director of EcoLogix Ltd. Liverpool

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